Settings Guide

Settings can be accessed from Gear icon > Settings. A small set of them are listed below.

Startup Options >

Restore Last Session (Default)

Session is saved and restored when the application starts. The default setting.

Homepage in last tab

This setting loads the homepage in the last tab, in addition to the tabs from the previous session.

Load homepage

Only the homepage is shown on startup. Previous session is not restored.
*On multitasking devices, this setting takes effect only on a fresh launch (for example, when the app is quit from the multitasking bar and launched).

This setting allows multitasking between apps and most users prefer that.

Disable multitasking

Disables multitasking behavior. The homepage will always load at launch, even on multitasking devices. Previous session is cleared everytime.

Open bookmarks in a folder

Bookmarks from the selected folder are opened everytime the app is launched.

Popup Blocker

Some websites can open popup windows automatically without clicking on links. Usually these are ads, but some times popups may be required for some websites to login, etc.
When enabled, popups are blocked. They can only open when you click on links.

Font Size Override

This is the persistent font size setting (the one in settings menu is for temporary adjustment only). After enabling the option, adjust the font size slider below it. The default font size on all webpages will be changed.

Accept Cookies >

Always: All cookies will be accepted.
From visited: Only allows cookies from visited websites. The default setting.
Never [!]: This blocks all cookies. You won't be able to login to websites at all.

New window links open in new tabs

When off, new window links open in the same tab. Default: On.

Clear cookies on exit [!]

All cookies are erased when the app is exited. Enable it only if you know what you're doing.
For example, you will be signed out of websites everytime and have to sign in even if you had selected "Remember me" or "Keep me signed in" while logging in to a website.

Autocomplete URLs

Enable or disable url suggestions that are shown while typing in the addressbar. Enabled by default.

Web Compression

When enabled, this reduces data usage and all web pages will be compressed by Google servers for faster loading. Note: Web pages will look different, as they are compressed.

Debug email on error

When enabled, if an error occurs, Perfect Browser will open up an email with error details for debugging purposes.